Wednesday, September 15, 2010

David Rafanelli: A Man With a Plan

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When word broke about Chelsea Clinton's wedding, all of the wedding professional community was abuzz about who was the lucky event planner was the nabbed the gig. The Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding took place this past July with grand fairand was successfully guided with much care and attention by Boston's premier event planner, Bryan Rafanelli of  Rafanelli Events.

 Mr. Rafanelli got his start in the business after a good friend of his passed away from AIDS he found himself volunteering in the special events section of the AIDS Action Committee. He volunteered for every event and soon found himself chairing and eventually running events. Handling a non-profit, galas, weddings and fundraisers with Creative Director, Billy Ivers, the Rafanelli Events team produces over 100 events per year! 

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